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Dave Downie


I was born in Greenock in 1970 to my father James Downie and mother Frances Downie, I have two younger brothers Garry and Michael. For me I always had a passion for fishing even though I never really started until I was 13 years old. For most of my life until that point Karate had been my main passion as my Father was the Instructor at the Local Club in Port Glasgow and still is to this day. I trained there and I met a guy called David McAllister who was an avid fly fisherman and got me hooked on the sport.

The competitive fly fisherman was always in me as I always strived to win or do my very best, this has stemmed from my Karate in which I competed very successfully in Scotland and Attained my ShoDan (1st Dan) at the tender age of 10yrs old. So it was a natural progression to compete at Fly Fishing also, after I had learned it of course, which took me longer than I thought it would.

The next stage was to learn how to make my first fly and that task was once again given to Davie McAllister who showed me how to make a black spider and the various start and finish knots and sent on my merry way. Hours and hours were spent at the vice but not in vain as I won a prize in the trout fisherman magazine for my interpretation of a dung fly and latter went onto win their coveted Trout Master competition on Pitsford Reservoir and take a 3rd place a few years later on Grafham Reservoir in England.

So far I have fished for Scotland in various disciplines which include Youth Team (Yes I am young enough for this) The Senior Loch Team, the River team and the European Team, the only one missing for me is the World team which I am working hard to change.

I worked as an electronic engineer for many years with Compaq/HP and Various other companies and after being made redundant several times decided to go it on my own.

I now run a successful Fly-Tying materials company and try to supply the finest materials on the market, according to my customers I already do that, I have high standards for my materials and flies I tie and will not supply or sell any materials that I don't use myself.

Quality is all that matters.

About Me

My Family Present 2011

I am 41yrs young and I am married to Lorraine for whom we have been together for 21 years.

I have 2 lovely children twins one boy and one girl, Callum and Laura who are now 10 years old and are just getting interested in Fly Fishing.

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